My children

My children are really God gift for me.I can’t imagine life with out them I am blessed with two beautiful daughters .Right after my marriage even before my first marriage anniversary I was blessed with my elder daughter. I was just amazed by seeing her with very cute little face very very cute small hands legs .I forgot all my pains and struggle by seeing her it was just a beautiful moment that every woman would feel in her life.Being mother is a just beautiful moment. Holding her first time in my hands I just remember it upto now. Taking care of her is my first priority in my life. My life just changed amazingly and taking care of her, playing with her ,feeding her,bathing her, changing diapers,singing songs to make her sleep and many more things became my part of life. I just enjoyed every phase of her life .Her first cute smile ,her first roll over,her first steps,her first words etc…

I didn’t even know how time passed this much fast with her she had amazingly grown now she was6 years .I never thought of second child upto my daughter was saying that her friends are having little sister or brother. She was thinking that they are lucky to have siblings .she was telling continuously so that I can understand even she wants a sibling.Even I felt let me have one more child . I waited for more than one year but after so many tests from doctor ,she confirmed that some problem in my health and I can’t have child . I was so depressed and my only hope was God . I trusted God ,he only can do miracles .I prayed him daily and just left all my tensions on him. But once again God proved he can do impossible thing also possible I was pregnant again . I just left my job ,from now my only job is taking care of my self to have healthy baby and taking care of my elder child

When I was my 5 th month pregnant I came to my moms home for visit, I just enjoyed being with my mom but I missed my elder child so much as I left her with my husband and In laws .Though I was not there she was managing to go to school do her work independently. It was really good that my girl became big enough to manage with out me. As my brother marriage got fixed after I came to my mom’s place I just have to be there only as I am elder child in home . I did all the work in the marriage very carefully as I was pregnant and managed to travel carefully. After marriage I thought to return home but as I was already 7 th month pregnant doctor advised not to travel . Even I was scared as I conceived after so many years.So i stayed backed again in my mothers place only.

When I was 9 months pregnant ,my family planned of baby shower function which I dreamed when I was first time pregnant but my elder daughter born before the due date so I missed it but now I dont want to miss the beautiful memories in my life It was great to get ready and sit in the function like a queen enjoying the blessings of all. My daughter missed me a lot as she has to return home after the function. Just convincing her to manage for little more time was a just hard task and scared to say even I missed her much.

Me and my daughter

I was again blessed with a cute baby girl . I was so happy now my girl have sibling to play and share everything in her life . Again my life changed so amazingly as of Iam mother of 2 kids .And I was so scared that I can give best to both of them or not. But my elder one is grown up and 8 years now she can understand the situations and just help me in my daily chores and taking care of my little one.

My Childhood…

My childhood as I remember is very memorable and happy .I just want to become kid again …Iam the eldest child in home and I have one younger brother who is the most lovable person upto now …As Iam a girl there was too much caring in home.But now I feel my parents may be over protective which hindered many of my wishes and talents …However they encouraged me in my studies and to grow in a well disciplined manner .I and my brother had so many great times in my life which I remember upto now.

I was always busy with my studies and was crazy about being first always studying . Oh my God ….how it was possible I ask myself now .Only books are my friends and my world .My brother was crazy of games, photography, being naughty …Haha .The only hobby apart from studies was art .I was able to draw nicely and can just copy anything .This brought me so many prizes also.I was spending ample of time drawing so many things I see . It was really amazing .

School life was so amazing in baby class I was the most charming girl in the class every teacher liked me so much because of my obedience and sincere in studies … I was learning dance when I was 5 years the classical dance Bhartyanatyam . I was able to do dance but expressions I was very bad not able to give. Which made my dance teacher so irritating .so one fine day my parents just stopped taking to class.

Me and my brother